In the beginning there was nothing . . .

Then Tim Berners-Lee said “Let there be the Internet” and there was light.

Soon, all sorts of animals were crawling the Internet. There was man, of course, but also bots, spiders and all sorts of other artificial life forms. As the web evolved, out of the Primordial soup came Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds and Google knows what else.

Then finally Clear Editorial came along . . . and it was good.

Clear Editorial came from humble beginnings in a world where pen, paper and the written word were held in high regard – a land known as Publishing.

But soon, Clear Editorial realized that the world of Internet was not to be feared. Instead, all of the principles of good content, engaging information and enviable wordsmithery were still held in high regard.

Clear Editorial found that the Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbirds could live in harmony with online businesses – and that together we can even make the Internet a better, more articulate place for users.

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