Blog outsourcing: keep your site content fresh and timely without taking up valuable in-house resources

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Outsourcing blog content is becoming increasingly popular among time-poor businesses, who understand the importance of content marketing but don’t have the resources or the expertise in-house to keep their website full of fresh content. It can save you time and allow you to focus on the tasks that your team are adept at performing.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions about outsourcing is that it means relinquishing control of your business, resulting in you having less control in how your business is conducted. This puts some people off the idea, but it simply isn’t true.

There is always a way to make outsourcing work for you and your business, even if you are a self-confessed control freak.

Delegate the right tasks

The key to making a success of outsourcing in your business is to delegate the tasks you are less experienced in, have less time for, or simply lack the skills for.

For some, this may be tasks like updating social media and maintaining an online blog – tasks which take up a lot of time but which are becoming increasingly important for reaching your business audience. For others, you might want help contacting clients, or implementing a website live chat, or even helping to build an effective online marketing strategy for your business.

If there are tasks you have the team in place to complete, then these are the jobs you should keep for yourself (and also the ones you’ll have more time for thanks to outsourcing!)

Master the art of communication

If you like to be in control but the workload is piling up, learning the art of communication can make all the difference when it comes to outsourcing certain business tasks.

You like things done a certain way, so communicate exactly what way that is. Get across the values of your business and make sure your outsourcers know what kind of content you’re looking for.

Learn to let the experts do their thing

The downside of wanting to closely oversee every aspect of your business is that you only get to see things from one perspective: yours. As much knowledge as you have about your business, two heads are better than one.

It’s completely natural to be protective of your business, but learning to let go of some of your overprotective traits can help you see things from a new point of view and gain quality ideas and content you would never have thought of without a few new pairs of eyes around. This is especially true with outsourcing, as these companies are experts in the areas you may be less confident in, like social media and online marketing.

Choose the right contractor for your business

The company you choose to outsource your business content to can make all the difference to your experience of outsourcing overall. A strong partnership should work for both parties and lead to a smooth working relationship that lasts for the long term.

Looking to outsource your blogging activity to keep your site fresh, your Google ranking high, and your audience engaged? Why not get in touch with us and let us help you take your online presence to the next level.

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