5 Top Tips for Killer Web Copy

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Have you promised yourself that 2015 was going to be the year you’d get your website sorted? Planned to blog on a regular basis to engage your customers and prospects?

If, like many businesses, you’ve already failed to keep your New Years Resolution but are keen to turn things around, this blog is for you.

Whether you choose to pen your own articles or bring in the right expertise, here are our top 5 tips to killer web copy:

1. Get heard

Think about your business’s unique selling point and find the angle that you know will strike a chord with your client or customer. There is so much noise over the Internet today – with bloggers, news sites, social media and email marketing constantly fighting for your attention – the time you have to appeal to prospects is incredibly limited.

To get round this you must make sure that you put your best foot forward immediately. There’s no time to introduce yourself and warm up a lead; time is of the essence and getting subject lines, headings, opening sentences and initial imagery that packs a real punch is the only way to make your content impactful.

2. Connect with people

However exciting or dull your business offering may seem to be, you wouldn’t be in a job if there wasn’t someone interested in what you have to say. Focus on how your product or service can really benefit people and work hard to connect with them on a human level – you’ll be amazed how that changes the response you get from prospects.

3. Be concise

Long sentences and chunky paragraphs don’t work online. It’s as simple as that. Be strict with yourself and kill your darlings (those bits that you’ve added because you like them rather than those that work best) to achieve the best results.

4. Be direct

While blog writing should be informative rather than sales-focused, always make sure that your product descriptions or service pages don’t beat around the bush. Be up front, specific and confident when talking about pricing and offerings.

Fail to sound confident in what you are selling and why you think it represents value for money, then how can you expect someone else to show confidence in you?

5. Be active

There’s nothing worse than a passive sentence on your website. It’s dead wood; wasted space; time that a prospect could be spending elsewhere online. In the fast moving online world, every second – and every sentence counts.

Not sure you have the time or resources to meet your business’s content needs?

Before you beat yourself over the head about missed deadlines and lack of fresh, unique content, first ask yourself whether your valuable work time could be better spent addressing other aspects of the business. If the answer is yes, then now is the time to realize that outsourcing your content creation isn’t an admission of failure but an efficient part of your overall marketing strategy.

Writing your own blogs or news posts is a great thing to do. But if your in-house resources could be better utilized picking up the phone to call customers or making appointments with key clients then wouldn’t it be a great to know that your online presence is taking care of itself?

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