Is your brand ready to become a household name of the Gram?

The words ‘Instagram famous’ are thrown around a lot in today’s social media savvy age, and for most of us they evoke a slight feeling of suspicion.

The world of Instagram influencers seems, at first glance, to be all sunshine and roses, but there’s a lot of hard work involved. There’s also been a lot of fakery in the past. Whether it’s the Fyre Fest disaster, Tiffany Mitchell’s suspiciously staged motorcycle accident or Millie Bobby Brown’s questionable skincare routine, the world of Instagram influencers hasn’t always come across as the most honest.

But there is one thing these instances all have in common: they all faced huge backlash. Social media users are becoming immune to the draw of fake-it-til-you-make-it culture. As such, fake followers, social scams, Instagram pods and the like aren’t going to work in the way they used — especially with Instagram’s algorithm updates.

Instead, users are being rewarded for representation, relatability, transparency and real talk. Here’s how your business can boost its Instagram influence using good old-fashioned hard work and connectivity.

Use the right profile picture

Find an image which represents your business. This might be a logo, but it can also be a picture of yourself. Images of actual people evoke a lot more interaction and trust from users. They want to know the person behind the account.

Remember who your followers want to see

It’s not just your profile picture which should be personal. A study by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs has found that photos with faces in them are 38% more likely to get likes on Instagram. Give your business a personal edge with your content.

Maintain a fresh bio

It’s easy to forget about your Instagram bio, but there’s no denying its importance. It’s the first thing visitors see when they come to your profile, so be sure to tell them who you are, what you do and what you like to share. Add colour and excitement with evocative emojis, and include a link to your website or your most recent project.

Find your USP

Find out what makes you, you. What makes your content stand out from that of your competitor brands? What skills can only you offer? Making your content as personal as possible will help make it as individual as possible too. See which posts get the most interaction and question what it is about them that makes them stand out.

Be open and transparent

We’ve already talked about the follies of fakery on Instagram, but it’s worth reiterating that vulnerability and honesty go a long way with your audience. One meaningful connection is far more worthwhile than 100 fake followers. Devoted followers stick with you over time, trust your brand and actively engage with your content.

Invite engagement

Show your followers that you care about them and their views, rather than just using your Instagram profile as a soapbox for your business. Ask a question to your followers. Get them to share a memory or a view. Give them something to do other than just scroll.

Return the engagement

And when you get that all-important engagement, make sure you reply. No good relationship is one-sided, so make sure you like your followers’ comments and reply to them. Answer any queries your customers have quickly and succinctly, and always seem grateful for the interest you’re getting.

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