10 commandments of successful content

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Make the most of the time and energy you put into your business by showing it off in the best possible way online

Creating successful content needn’t be as difficult or as time-consuming as it seems to be. Simply follow these ten commandments and you’ll be well on your way to developing the ideal online presence for your business.

Search optimisation

Your content should be written for readers first and search engines second. Having said that, you can still use search optimisation to give your content a wider audience. Do your research into relevant key words which will help your content climb up search rankings, and look out for phrases which people are actually searching for, but which aren’t so general that they’re putting you in direct competition with thousands of other blogs.

Talk to the right people

A huge part of writing successful content is finding your ideal audience, as this will help guide your writing style and your subject choices. Do some research via social media, analytics and competitors to discover who exactly is going to be interested in what you have to say.


Above all else, your content needs to tell your readers something they didn’t already know. Use the title to accentuate what you’re offering (“5 ways to…” “How to effectively achieve…”) and make sure the content you produce actually delivers on this promise.

Create a story

Telling a story through your content is a great way to get reader attention by promising to reveal the circumstances behind something useful/entertaining/unbelievable that happened. Telling a story not only gives your points context and evidence, but also makes your writing feel more human. It probably won’t be possible with every piece, but try to do it where you can.

Give something valuable

The best content will leave readers feeling like they’ve actually gained something from reading it. Whether it’s solving a problem, offering custom visuals or guiding them to other interesting sources, make sure your blogposts are presenting your readers with something that might actually be useful to them.

Master the art of persuasion

When you cut everything else out, the real reason for any kind of business content is to persuade readers — specifically, to persuade them to use your business services. Find a way to persuade your readers without being too heavy handed with it. Offering genuine advice and not being completely salesy at all times will make you seem more trustworthy, but you should still try to squeeze in how your business can benefit them.

Engage with readers

When people read your stuff, you want them to really engage with it, because that’s how interest in your business gets generated. Try to use a consistent voice in all your content, and don’t be afraid to speak directly to your readers — ask them questions, reply to comments, get to know them as individuals. This goes for social media too.

Help them know your business better

Every piece you write should be educating your audience on your business, even if the content you’re creating isn’t directly about the company itself. If you’re telling them how to solve a problem, be sure to mention how your business can help them solve this problem in a way that no other source can. What makes your business unique?

Give them a call to action

So you know you need to talk to your readers, but what’s the best way to go about it? Use conversion optimization to create a reward for a positive user experience. For blog posts, this usually involves a specific call to action like visiting your other resources or leaving a comment.

The 10th commandment? Outsourcing your content marketing to experts in the field

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