10 most time-consuming tasks you should be outsourcing to someone else

If you run a business, you’re always busy. Chances are there are some daily tasks you simply don’t have time for. For a lot of business owners, content creation and content marketing fall into this category. The answer? Get someone else to do it!

 Outsource to save time

It’s difficult to find the time to create quality content that reflects your business. It includes all sorts of other tasks, like identifying your audience, encapsulating your key selling points and discovering how best to appeal to Google. But these are vital to helping your business grow. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their transactions online without speaking to an actual person.

Outsourcing blogging and other tasks mean these jobs are completed to the highest standard without using up your own valuable time. Outsourcing your content marketing gives you experts with a fresh pair of eyes, and takes a lot of the pressure to create great content off you.

Managing your emails

Sometimes, the simplest tasks are the most time-consuming. If managing your emails eats into your day, get help from an outside source. Outsourced blogging helps your business project the right tone and get the right message across to customers and clients without in-house blood, sweat, and tears.

Developing a marketing strategy

Developing a good marketing strategy which reflects your business takes time – time you might not have. By getting help from an outsourcing specialist like Clear Editorial, you can obtain a clear route to your business’s future success. We can be as involved as you like in your strategy’s progress, providing in-house training, workshops, or simply future proofing an existing strategy.

Customer research

Getting to know potential clients and customers is an important part of getting them on board with your business, and keeping them there once you’ve convinced them. Experts can help gather detailed profiles on potential clients quickly, allowing you to get on with other tasks at hand.

Social media services

Social media is a time-consuming part of any business, but it’s also important. Social media helps you reach literally billions of potential customers, making it by far the biggest platform for your business. But people have high expectations of the pages they follow. They want daily updates and relatable content, and outsourcing can help you achieve this without using up your own time.

Providing services for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, Clear Editorial boosts awareness for your business on all the biggest social media sites.

Collecting and presenting data

Outsourcing experts not only collect data for your business, but use this data to create the perfect content. Well-presented and informative web and blog content increase both indexed links and inbound links by 97%, and can lead to a whopping 434% more indexed pages. That’s a lot more traffic for your business.

Content creation and outsourced blogging

Content creation is at the heart of what outsourcing companies like Clear Editorial do. We possess the skills to come up with ideas and create good content quickly, meaning your webpage and social media sites stay up to date. This equals more content for customers, which means more traffic, as just one or two blog posts a month can increase business-to-business leads by 70%.

Web design and development

A good website is the mark of a good business, but finding the time, skills and resources to do your business justice online is hard. Webpages and blogs are the fifth most trusted online source of information, ahead of news sites and online magazines, so getting the right information across is vital. Outsourcing helps you achieve this without eating into your time, by creating a hub for all your online interest.


Proofreading always takes more time than you want it to, but it does help ensure your content is of a high enough quality to keep customers on your site. Why not put the task in the capable hands of content marketing experts?

Generating traffic and increasing click rate

The skills of companies like Clear Editorial mean that your webpage will possess the kind of content your audience wants. Our SEO knowledge will get your company shooting up the Google search results. This can generate a lot of traffic and convert this interest into customers.


So this isn’t really a task to pass over, but a task you avoid altogether by outsourcing. Using an outside company removes the need for processing lots of separate payrolls for the work of your individual employees. Over half of companies use outsourcing as a means of cutting cost, so get on board.

Outsourcing takes a weight off your shoulders

Outsourcing aspects of your business helps drive your company forward and increase your audience and success in the long run, as well as saving you time to complete more urgent tasks.

Clear Editorial provides SEO copywriting and content marketing services to keep your business active online. Get in touch to find out what services we can provide for your business.