11 Instagram statistics that will blow your mind

“Doin’ it for the Gram” has never been more important for businesses


In the last few years, Instagram has become one of the main social media powerhouses. Alongside the likes of Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is one of the absolute go-to platforms that businesses need to be using in order to stand out and make a splash online.

From ads and posts to Stories, Instagram is a magnificent tool that any and all businesses can and should put to use. Don’t believe us? We’ve put together this list of the most important and most recent Instagram statistics to show you just how influential a platform it is, courtesy of AdEspresso and Hootsuite.

Instagram, in numbers

There are almost 1 billion active monthly Instagram users.

It’s difficult to get your head around how much 1 billion is, but this might help: it takes around 11 days and 14 hours to count to a million. By comparison, counting to 1 billion takes around 32 years.

This puts Instagram just behind Facebook, which has 1.4 billion monthly active users, but ahead of other social media giants like Twitter (330 million) and Pinterest (250 million).

There are also 500 million active daily users

This means that half of all active users are logging into Instagram daily and actively engaging on the platform. And this number is continuing to climb.

The Like button gets hit 4.2 billion times a day on average

There’s that word again: billion. Times it by four, then add a bit more. This means that average user is logging on and liking multiple posts a day every day, showing a real willingness to engage.

Nearly two thirds of users are between the ages of 18 and 29

So if your business is more tailored to a younger audience, Instagram is even more crucial. The Millennial market is one of the most important groups to today’s marketers and brands.

Images on Instagram get around 23% more engagement than Facebook ones

Facebook may have more users, but images get higher levels of engagement on Instagram. Any sensible marketer will tell you that a smaller, more engaged audience is worth much more than a larger, passive one.

Brands on Instagram see regular engagement from about 4% of their total followers

This might not sound like a lot, but Facebook and Twitter users see engagement from about 0.1% of their followers.

Video posts get about 38% more engagement

Videos are exceptionally engaging, so make sure your Instagram feed includes a few videos scattered throughout.

On average, brands post 1.5 times per day on Instagram

One study looked at 55 top performing brands across different industries and found that they were more successful when they posted more frequently.

It can take as long as 19 hours to get just 50% of a post’s engagement

We all get impatient when waiting for the likes to roll in, but it doesn’t have to happen immediately. It can take up to 19 hours to get just half your total likes and comments, with a further 10% coming in after 19 days.

80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram

Most people who use Instagram follow at least one brand, with many others following more. This just shows how effective social media is for bridging the gap between corporation and consumer.

Having said that, 66% of business profile visits come from non-followers

Brands see most of their profile visits from people who don’t yet follow them. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to reel in some new interest. A strong bio and image are a must!

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