5 ways to improve your business’s social media engagement

social media engagement

Here’s how to make social media a truly social space, rather than a soapbox

It’s easy to use social media as a place to simply shout about the benefits of your business and products. However, this is far from the most useful way to build an online presence for your brand.

One of the most important aspects of social media is engagement. This is what transforms your social profiles into a community rather than a soapbox, allowing people to access your brand through social media and become loyal customers in the process.

From likes, follows and shares to comments, retweets and click-throughs, engagement is key to a business’s social media success. With that in mind, we’re here to take you through 5 of the best ways to build up your engagement across your social media accounts.

Know your goals

Before you begin posting content on your platforms, you need to have a clear idea of what you actually want to achieve. This will help you put a plan of action in place, and create a schedule of posts that truly reflects your brands.

Some of the most popular social goals include educating your audience about your industry, getting feedback on products or campaigns, providing information that makes the buying process easier for customers and changing the perception your business currently has.

Know your audience

As well as knowing what you want from your social media experience, you also need to know what your audience is looking for. The early days of social media engagement are often a trial and error period, as your audience is going to tell you what they want to see from you. Find what kind of posts are getting the best response. Read every comment and message a customer sends: what are they struggling with? What elements of your brand do they want to know more about? Look at what your competitors are (and aren’t) doing, and take inspiration from that.

Create valuable content

If every post you put out is talking about how great your business is, your audience is going to disengage pretty swiftly. You need to post a mixture of content that focuses both on your business and on your industry as a whole. This shows that your business cares for its customers, rather than just for its own success.

For example, if you’re a fitness brand, be sure to post about all aspects of fitness and wellness as well as your business’s speciality. Give the impression that you care about your audience improving their health and enjoying their fitness, and once you’ve built up that trust you can explain how your products are designed to help them do so successfully.

Stay topical and up-to-date

Content moments are everywhere. From awareness days to news stories to viral memes, keep an ear to the ground for hashtags and popular posts that can be tied to your business in some way. By jumping on current trends, you’ll be able to instantly expand your audience and reach a greater number of people.

Being topical also requires some common sense. You don’t want to be posting about how to stay cool in the middle of November, for example.

Make the first move

Social media engagement isn’t all about waiting for people to come to you. You should also reach out to other people. Make it part of your routine to search relevant hashtags and find profiles which you can connect with. Like their posts, comment on their photos and follow their profile to start building bridges and increasing your online community.

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