As one of the most influential social media platforms, it’s important to make the most of Facebook for your business

Social media provides the opportunity to advertise your business services on a potentially huge platform. However, more importantly, it also gives you the chance to connect directly with your business’s audience and forge real loyalties.

This is especially true on Facebook, which remains the biggest social platform out there. From likes and comments to shares and messaging, any action you take to connect on Facebook constitutes engagement, and this can help you extend your organic reach and score better in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

So how can you use Facebook engagement to boost your business? Here are our top tips.

Keep it short and sweet

Facebook’s data shows that mobile Facebook users spend an average of 1.7 seconds consuming a piece of content, compared to 2.5 seconds for desktop users. Add to this the fact that 88% of Facebook users primarily use mobile, and you’ll see how quickly you need to make an impression with your content. Keep your posts short and sweet to capture attention and spark conversation.

Know who your audience is

Knowing your audience is key to producing content that actually engages them. It doesn’t matter what you find interesting; the needs of your audience have to come first. Test the waters with different kinds of posts and see which ones get the best responses. You don’t need to post the same thing every time from then on, but this will help you understand what your audience expects from you.

Decide what your post is intending to do

The right social media posts can do a lot of different things. It can teach, it can inspire or it can entertain. What it shouldn’t do – at least not exclusively – is act as a sales pitch. In order to create engagement with your audience, you need to make them think, make them laugh or give them something valuable. You can do that while also pushing your business services, but make sure the focus is on simply sharing great content.

Ask questions

One of the most direct ways to encourage engagement on social media is by asking a question. This is a simple yet effective way to start off an active comments thread, as long as you’re asking questions that people are going to feel like they want to answer and that are relevant to your brand. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you could ask people what’s the best piece of cooking advice they’ve ever received. You could even offer an incentive such as a prize for the best answer.

Respond to comments

Of course, when people do reply to your posts its important that you engage with these responses. Sometimes a simple comment back or a like is enough to make your audience feel recognised and connected with. If a comment contains a customer service issue, reply publicly to the comment saying you’ve sent them a direct message and then proceed to do so. Remember, Facebook business pages tend to advertise your response rate, so you’ll need to keep it high.

Create a Facebook group

Creating a Facebook group is a meaningful ways to get fans involved and engaged, creating communities centred around your brand. There are more than 200 million active Facebook group members out there, and using the platform for genuine interactions can lead to strong engagement and loyalty.

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