Boost traffic and convert customers by outsourcing a live chat!

Customers are demanding more and more all the time. Is your business ready to take on the challenge?

68% of customers below the age of forty demand an integrated, seamless experience when dealing with a company, no matter what the business specialises in. Figures like these show how much customers expect from the companies they spend their time and money with, but sometimes these demands are difficult for businesses to meet.

In today’s market, businesses need to be there for their customers constantly, and be able to give quick and helpful answers to any queries they may have. You might be thinking: “how am I supposed to achieve this level of customer service?” Well Clear Editorial has the answer… live chats.

What benefits do you get from a live chat?

In a study conducted on behalf of Harvard Business School, results showed that customers who rated their service as 10 out of 10 on average spent 140% more money than those who claimed to have had a poor experience. A live chat can help boost that customer experience.

A live chat is an online text-based conversation that usually pops up on a company’s website. It allows customers to voice any questions or concerns into the chat box and get a quick response on the other end. It’s a useful system that more and more businesses are opting for, and for good reason.

The popularity of live chats among businesses and customers alike is on the rise, with 79% of people citing a live chat as their preferred method of obtaining an answer quickly. This makes it more popular than the traditional routes of emails and customer service helplines.

This is partly because live chats offer a safety net for customers. They are always present when a customer is on the website, meaning they can contact someone whenever they have an issue and expect a rapid response. It makes them feel like they’re being constantly cared for and saves them time by removing the need for lengthy emails or long phone calls spent mostly on hold.

But live chats can also save you time too. It might sound time-consuming to be there for your customers’ every query, but by outsourcing the task you could save time, boost traffic and convert customers all at once!

Why should you outsource your live chat?

Handing over your live chat to experts in the field can save you time to spend on other matters in your business. You might be worried this would give you less control over what’s being said to your customers, but live chat experts work with you to produce your ideal answers to Frequently Asked Questions. They also often provide transcripts of all customer interactions, giving you peace of mind. In fact, research has shown that companies are able to gain 100% accuracy through outsourcing by incorporating transcripts into the process – so you have nothing to worry about. Live chat experts know what customers want to hear.

Outsourcing is also cost effective, with different packages suitable to the size of your business. You’ll save time and money by outsourcing a live chat for your business, and gain customers in the process.

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