How do you make successful video content?

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How to create video content for social media

Video is one of the most effective online marketing methods, so here’s how to utilise it well

In modern society, online marketing is absolutely vital for businesses. You can’t get away with ignoring the single biggest potential audience available any longer.

Within the wide world of online marketing, video marketing is proving itself to be one of the most effective formats. Here are some numbers for you:

82% of Twitter users use the site to watch video content, and 45% of internet users watch over an hour of Facebook and YouTube video content a week. Speaking of YouTube, the world’s biggest video site racks up 500 million hours of views every day, and over a third of all internet users are also YouTube users.

And it’s safe to say businesses are starting to realise the importance of video content, with 87% of online marketers using it. So what do you need to do to make sure your video content stands out from the crowd?

Use a branded intro

Start your video content off right with a branded introduction, letting your entire audience immediately recognise the video as your own. Take some time to come up with an intro you like and use it in every piece of video content you produce. Even if viewers don’t remember the title of the video, they should remember the introduction. This will help direct them to your channel.

Immediately grab attention

One in five video watchers will abandon a video after the first ten seconds. Make sure that doesn’t happen with your content by immediately grabbing viewers’ attention. Clearly explain what the viewer is about to see and how it benefits them.

Speak openly and clearly

Be loud and proud in your video. Speak with enthusiasm and be animated in your delivery, and make sure you can be heard over any background music! If you don’t seem interested in your content, your audience definitely won’t be.

Include the right music

Music helps liven up your video, giving life to what would otherwise be just a few minutes of voiceover. Make sure you choose music that reflects the emotion of the video without distracting from what’s being said. Something neutral yet memorable.

Also, make sure you’re legally allowed to use it.

Give a tailored experience

You should always keep your content relevant to your business and its audience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tailor your videos so that they keep up with the times. Stay aware of shifts in the industry, and even just in pop culture, tech and politics, and ask yourself: how can we use this to create content?

Content which reflects what people are searching for is much more likely to be seen.

Keep it brief

A lot of people don’t realise that YouTube actually lets its users filter their search results by length as well as subject, date etc, so keep your content as brief as possible.

The general rule is the shorter the content, the more likely people are to watch the full thing as it’s less of an investment. The shortest video on YouTube is a one second clip of a cat looking towards the camera — and it has over 2 million views. We’re not saying your content needs to be seconds long and always include a feline, but it just shows how willing people are to invest short amounts of time.

Offer a call to action

If you want your viewers to click through to your site, follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your channel, let them know. You can mention these things at the end of your video, but remember that viewership significantly drops after 2 minutes, so maybe include pop-up annotations in your video too so that the viewers you lose before the end also see your call to action.

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