How speedy service supports your virtual visitors… and turns them into customers

Time is of the essence when it comes to customer service, but what’s the best way for your business to keep up?

When it comes to customer service, nobody likes waiting. This is true whether you’re standing in line at the shop or waiting online for the help and service you need. Customers like things done quickly.

In an Interactive Intelligence Group survey, customers ranked obtaining a swift response from a company as the single most important factor in a successful transaction, rating it higher than competence, professionalism, effective follow-up and company knowledge. So there’s no doubt about it: fast customer service is important.

And there are different ways to incorporate swift service into your business, boosting your audience and converting more customers in the process. Don’t worry, Clear Editorial’s going to show you how.

Be fast and friendly on social media

It’s getting harder and harder for businesses to ignore social media if they want to succeed. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular platforms for customer/company interaction. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn bring customers closer to businesses than ever before, and companies can use this to help their business get noticed.

Customer expectations of social media are high, as research by Zendesk tells us. In the last year, 50% of people used social media to get help from a company regarding an issue they had. Not only this, but over a fifth of Facebook users expected a same day response from a company regarding an issue, and 16% demanded a response within thirty minutes!

On Twitter, these numbers were even higher, as 30% of users expected a response within half an hour when contacting a business’s page. Speedy social media skills will earn your company a reputation as helpful and quick to respond, and help you stand out.

Fire up your webpage with a live chat

Whilst using social media sites will increase your web presence on those platforms, a live chat can boost customer interaction on your own website. Live chats implement a fast-paced text communication service to answer customer queries swiftly without the need for emailing chains or customer service numbers. This saves the customer time and gives your business an air of productivity and efficiency.

For customers, having the safety net of a constant live presence when browsing a website makes them believe that your company cares about them. In fact, 44% of customers named the presence of a live person online as their favourite method of getting the answers they need.

So not only do live chats boost web activity and customer interaction, but they allow you to deal with customer issues quickly.

Get your online presence up and running by outsourcing

You might be thinking that running your social media accounts and hosting a live chat service will take a huge chunk out of your time. Well, there’s a solution: outsourcing.

Both your business’s social media interaction and live chat can be placed in the hands of content marketing experts. They’ll be able to provide the expertise necessary for communicating with your target audience, and help boost interest in your company.

Live chat experts can work with you to create answers for Frequently Asked Questions which you’re happy with, so your business is always reflected in the best possible way.

Let Clear Editorial get you up to speed

Clear Editorial are experts in content creation, customer interaction and web management. We provide services tailored to your business, in order to boost viewer interest, create and complete online interactions, and turn these virtual viewers into customers of your business.

Get in touch today to find out how our social media and live chat services could help your business hit the ground running.