Mastering social media is key to your business’s success, so here is everything you SHOULDN’T be doing

In recent years social media has become an important part of any business’s marketing activity, helping companies reach larger audiences than ever before whilst also allowing them to communicate directly with clients and consumers.
But just as there are things you should do in order to boost your social media success, there are also things you definitely shouldn’t do.

Posting inappropriate content

With so much content out there on the web, it’s frightening how easy it is to post something your followers deem inappropriate. It could be something which makes light of a serious matter, or which is affiliated with an untrusted or disliked brand.
To avoid posting inappropriate content, take a couple of minutes before posting something to consider it from a viewer’s perspective, and be sure to read any articles you share thoroughly. If an incident does occur, don’t panic. Deal with it swiftly and effectively by removing the post, apologizing sincerely and moving on.

Being forgetful about scheduling

Scheduling is handy for businesses because you can mock up a week’s worth of posts and save yourself having to create content every day. However, you must be sure that the things you’re posting a week from now will still be relevant. Getting caught out scheduling can be embarrassing for businesses.
If you do get caught out, acknowledge the incident before removing the post altogether. Owning up puts your business in a better light.

Targeting the wrong audience

If you don’t know your audience, there’s little point posting on social media at all. You need to tailor your posts to your audience in order for them to react to them, share them, and get them seen by other people. What kind of content do they want to see?


Ignoring your customers

Watch all your social media accounts closely, even if you’ve scheduled a few days in advance. Look out for queries and questions and be sure to answer them to avoid feelings of resentment and frustration from your audience because they’re being ignored.

Not having a social media ‘person’

Social media doesn’t have to be done in isolation and many businesses rely on a number of contributors, but be careful not to let yourself get into a ‘too many cooks…’ situation. This can be done easily by having a single manager who coordinates everyone’s efforts and curates the best content to be posted. This will also help create a nice sense of consistency throughout your profiles, making them feel more personal to followers.

Leaving reviews unanswered

As a business, you need to show a willingness to respond to reviews of your company left online, both positive and negative. Show gratitude for positive reviews and engage sincerely with constructive criticism. On social media, you’re not leaving a reply for one person, you’re leaving a reply for potentially thousands of people to see.

Not having a plan

Every business should have a clear social media plan. This will help keep your content focused with a clear goal in mind. Think about three things when devising your plan:

What do you want out of your social media?

Is it sales, brand awareness, customer service.

Or something else?

Who is your target market?

What kind of things should you be posting? Look at competitor businesses and your own previous posts to see what achieves the highest response rate.
If you’re worried about navigating your business through the tricky world of social media marketing, consider outsourcing the burden to the experts.

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