From ads to bots, Facebook is arguably the best way to get your business seen

It’s no secret that marketing and advertising have changed significantly in recent years. Internet users are becoming less receptive to email advertising, and television adverts are frequently seen as an opportunity to leave the room and put the kettle on.

For an ad to actually capture the attention of its audience, it needs to be compelling and engaging. You also need to know the best platform for reaching your target audience.

Facebook is one such platform, with ads and chatbots offering a range of options for businesses looking to get their message across. Here are our key copywriting tips for using these tools for your business.

Facebook Ads

The good thing about Facebook is that anyone who uses the platform is subject to advertising. The bad news is that these ads are mostly seen as an interruption in the flow of content users actually want to see (i.e. statuses, photos and engagement from their Facebook friends). As such, ads must be relevant and engaging in order to strike a chord.

First of all, an image or video is a must. Over the last few years, possibly in response to the rise of Instagram, Facebook has become much more visual, so every ad needs an image which will make the user pause their scrolling and look.

If the image is the hook, then the copy is the line and sinker. Once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention with a striking image, you can reel them in with simple yet effective copy. Keep it short and sweet, introducing the business aspect or product and its key benefits. Focus on one message only to avoid complication, and consider copy which reaches out to the reader such as “If you’re struggling with your energy bills…” or “Ready for a holiday?”

Be informal and accessible with your ad. Remember, Facebook is informal by nature. People connect with friends there, so your ad should seem equally friendly, simple and personal.

Facebook Chatbots

Facebook chatbots are a relatively new phenomenon, offering users a mixture of Facebook messenger and the growing familiarity with the Siri/Alexa experience. This service allows brands to add a personal assistant chatbot to their page in order to have automated conversations with visitors. There are currently more than 100,000 bots on Messenger.

Of course, it can be difficult to sustain a full conversation with a customer using only bots, but they are certainly proving to be a useful way of answering FAQs, encouraging customers to leave their contact details and giving the impression that your brand is always on-hand.

Like ads, you should keep your bots light and fun. Introducing your bot as a loveable character is a good way to keep things entertaining and accessible. If you like, you can give your bot personality in its answers, which can work well as long as it doesn’t take away from the helpfulness of its responses.

It’s best to give customers conversation prompts in order to encourage them to use the bot. These prompts could be a selection of your business’s most frequently asked questions. If their concern is more specific than your most common FAQs, you should equip your bot to take contact details and inform the user that someone will be in touch with them soon.

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