The social media stats that prove how much it can benefit your business

We take a closer look at which platforms you should be using and what they can do for you
The internet gains almost 250,000 new active users every year in the UK alone. In 2015, social media usage rose by almost 10% in just eight months, and these numbers just keep growing! What does this mean for your business? It means social media can help you access a huge audience, and these are the numbers to prove it.


Despite the fact that Twitter and Instagram have quickly gained popularity over the past few years, Facebook remains the top dog of social media platforms worldwide. With over 1.79 billion monthly active users across the world (31 million in the UK alone, as in 60% of the population) it is a digital behemoth. 25-34 year olds make up 26% of users, and 56% of users are female.

Facebook is a great platform for reaching a general, mass market. There are more older users than most other sites. Facebook is also fairly low maintenance for a social media site, and you don’t need to post too regularly. Just be sure to respond to comments and queries promptly — customers don’t like being ignored!


Twitter has exploded in the last few years, boasting 317 million active users and 1.3 billion registered users overall. 38% of millennials (or 18-30 year olds) have a Twitter account.

Twitter is well known for its use of hashtags, which offer the potential for a wider audience if you include popular hashtags in your posts. There is also the option to retweet other users’ posts, which can be an easy way to engage with clients, customers, followers and similar businesses. You can even tag other users in your posts, which means their followers can see your post.

With Twitter, you need to be posting pretty regularly — at least once a day. There are scheduling sites to help you do this in bulk, but remember: you’ve only got 140 characters.


Back in July 2015, Instagram had 14 million monthly active users. Now, it has 500 million. Now that’s business growth! And your business should hop on board. Instagram has a younger audience than Facebook, as 39% of users are aged 16-24. 64% of users are female.

Like Facebook, you can get away with only posting once or twice a week. However, posts rely almost solely on images, so make sure somebody in your business is brushing up their photography skills. And just like Twitter, find the most popular hashtags and include them in your posts.


Google+ has a whopping 540 million active users, and is especially popular with younger people — 41% of UK users are aged 18-24. Studies have found that whilst 54% of users use Google+ primarily to keep in touch with friends, 42% use it mostly to engage with brands, meaning it could be a smart business choice if you’re willing to engage. Like Facebook, you don’t need to post too often.


Although popular (there are over 3 million ‘pins’ a day in the UK alone), Pinterest is a tricky one for businesses to get right. Like Instagram, it’s image-driven, but instead of posting images users can use other images to create mood boards, and organise them with titles and themes.

90% of Pinterest users are female, and ‘DIY’ and ‘recipes’ are the most popular categories. Pinterest can be good for food-related or aesthetically-driven companies, but otherwise it’s pretty difficult to implement.


LinkedIn is a B2B platform, meaning your company should be on there! In the UK there are over 60 million profile views on LinkedIn a month, and more than a million professionals have now written a post on the site.

75% of users are over 35, and 79% of users are male. It can be an extremely useful platform for networking with other businesses and potential clients, and is driven more by communication than posting. You can give other businesses ‘endorsements’, which could encourage them to return the favour and make your business look more credible and appealing. Win win!

If you’re a business owner, finding the time to manage different social media platforms can be difficult

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