Why blogging should be at the heart of your marketing strategy

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Blogging can make a huge difference to your marketing strategy. On-site blogging continues to engage audiences, drive traffic to your website and provide your organisation with the human face it needs to connect with readers.


Blogging and Social Media

Compelling content is in the top three reasons why people follow businesses on social media, and blog posts are vital to any coherent content marketing plan.

Blog posts can be shared across your social media platforms, driving traffic to your site, raising brand awareness and building trust with prospects. There’s no harm in making your blogs a soft sell either to boost interest in your product or services, as generally readers expect the occasional mention when it comes to on-site blogs. But it is worth mentioning that shameless advertising is about as engaging as a slap in the face with a wet fish.

So, not only are your blog posts sparking interest across all of your social media in the short term by sparking conversations, engaging followers, and linking your platforms together but blogs offer an invaluable long-term benefit too. As your blog archive and the breadth of content on it grows, so does your blog’s search value, encouraging search engines to direct traffic your way.


The SEO game

Utilising keywords in your posts and employing solid SEO best practice can help to spark your blog’s surge up those Google rankings. Developing frequent, unique, contextual blog articles on your website helps to prove to search engines that your site is a force to be reckoned with – and, of course, the more your posts are read and the longer your prospects spend on your site, the more those SEO benefits snowball.


Brand Reinforcement

Reinforcing your brand identity is more easily achieved through blog posts than on the landing pages of your website. The more conversational tone and far reaching themes that can be discussed enable your business to engage on a more personal level with prospects.

This style is especially effective if something goes wrong; a real human is able to discuss in a personable, honest way with customers, helping to limit reputational damage, whilst having full control over the message.
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