Why use a social content calendar?

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Planning ahead can give you the advantage when sharing your business content

In life, we’re often taught lessons about opting for quality over quantity. But we say, why not both? Especially when it comes to content creation.

In order to stand out in the fast paced world of social media, businesses need to create high quality posts on a regular basis. And a social content calendar can help you do just that.

Don’t believe us? Here are all the ways a social content calendar can help you build your brand reputation online.

Save time by planning

Posting real-time posts requires effort and attention every day, meaning you may find the task getting shifted to the bottom of the pile. But a calendar lets you plan ahead with your posts, create your content in a batch when you’re free, avoid multi-tasking and work while you’re feeling creative.

This means you can say goodbye to starting at your feed in desperation looking for an idea of something to post.

Create consistent posts

Read any article about improving your social media performance, and one of the key tips you’ll come across again and again is ‘post consistently’ — trust us, we’ve written a lot of those kind of articles.

Consistently showing up on people’s social feeds is the key to engaging with them long-term. And by earning more engagement, you’ll improve your algorithm and earn more organic reach, leading to more engagement in a not-so-vicious cycle.

Posting ahead of time into your calendar means every week can be consistently full of posts.

Reduce your risk of making mistakes

Posting last minute straight onto social media puts you at risk of making typos and other mistakes, while scheduling your content ahead of time in a social calendar is a less rushed process, giving you time to proofread your messages and consider them carefully.

This also gives you the opportunity to have your content checked by a team member before it goes live. Remember two heads are better than one, so an extra pair of eyes never goes amiss.

Be more ambitious with your strategies

Once you have your regular social schedule nailed down thanks to your calendar, you can start to tackle the more daring and exciting side of social media. How about running an Instagram competition? Or looking for influencers to collaborate with your brand? However you want to do it, getting organised with your social schedule creates the opportunity to up your overall social media game.

Engage with big moments

By scheduling your posts ahead of time, you’ll have the chance to research relevant awareness days, holidays and events and create posts accordingly. Think about the notable days which could be relevant to your business, whether it’s Halloween, National Sleep Month or even Star Wars Day on 4th May.

Plus, with your usual schedule covered, you’ll have more time to post spontaneously if something does come up that requires an immediate real-time response.

Make high-quality content

Social media is so important to businesses these days that it isn’t uncommon for an individual post to be carefully curated by a whole team of people. From copywriters to graphic designs to videographers, the best content is created with care, and scheduling in advance lets you allocate your assets effectively without time pressures.

Track what’s working

Not only is it easier to post with a social calendar, but it’s also easier to assess how said posts are performing. With a calendar in place, you can schedule your posts towards improvement through experimentation.

If you need help sprucing up your business content, contact the team at Clear Editorial today. We can make sure your brand gets noticed on the world wide web for the right reasons. Get in touch by clicking here.