How do you manage entrepreneurial worries?

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The advice you need to conquer business stresses when ‘don’t worry, be happy’ just won’t cut it

Let’s face it, running a business is hard. At times, it can be extremely stressful, so how can you make it easier on yourself?

Use positivity to drive you forward

On the surface, ‘stay positive’ sounds like pretty fluffy advice that not’s going to help you much. But once you learn to not only maintain a positive mindset, but to use that positivity to your advantage, you’ll start seeing results.

Anxiety is part of the package when it comes to running a business, and this can lead to you thinking about all the areas you’re not happy with and all the things that could go wrong. When you catch yourself doing this, turn these thoughts on their head. Ok, so there are areas you want to work on, but what areas of your business are you happy with? What end goal are you working towards?

Positive affirmations are not to be dismissed. Let yourself know that you’re doing well. Write down your goals. Add completed tasks to your to-do list only to immediately tick them off. You’ll be surprised how powerful positivity can be.

Prepare for milestones AND catastrophes

A lot of worrying comes from a state of ‘not knowing’, so logically the best way to get around this is to gain as much information as you can in preparation for important events. Trying to get a loan approved, meeting with potential clients, finding the perfect employees to join your vision — these are all common situations for business owners, so it makes sense to prepare for them as much as you can by researching the processes, businesses and individuals involved.

What else is common in business? Things going wrong. Whether it’s losing a client or suffering an IT failure, avoid panic by having plans in place for these situations. Give yourself as much power as you can and you’ll find yourself less stressed should disaster strike.

Find your perfect stress level

Ok, so stress is bad. We all know it, and it’s essentially the point of this article. But having absolutely no stress at all also isn’t great for business productivity. It’s about finding your perfect stress level, the one which helps you work efficiently and keep a clear head.

Not having enough stress can make you lethargic and a little too laid back about getting things done. On the flipside, too much stress can inhibit you from focusing on the task at hand by leaving you with the urgent need to get everything done right now. As consequence, you end up rushing jobs or simply not starting them at all.

So how do you find your perfect stress level? Start by working out what makes you stressed. Is it a certain task, a particular meeting, or something else entirely? Once you know, you can address it. You should also find out what makes you feel calm, whether it’s a short walk, meditation or writing a to-do list. Find a balance between these two factors.

Never be too proud to ask for help

What do you think defines a business owner? If your answer is being able to get everything done yourself, it’s time to change that mindset.

A huge part of being an entrepreneur is knowing that you’re not necessarily the best person for every task. Delegating is massively important — you can even outsource jobs to other companies who are experts in the field. Many businesses do this with aspects of their business they feel less familiar with, like social media or outsourced blogging. It’s all about knowing what you like to do and what you don’t.

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