Why your businesses need to start using Periscope right now?  

Content marketing

Video is one of the main choices of media that people engage with. Nowhere is this more evident than in the meteoric rise of Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope. Periscope’s proposition is slightly different from other forms of visual content, however, in that it encourages the live streaming of video. But how is this relevant to businesses content marketing activities and what are the benefits of such real-time engagement.


How is it useful for my business?

Periscope is full of opportunities for businesses willing to develop their video content strategies with many great promotional benefits. It is a more personal and easily accessible way to connect with your customers and to make your brand more approachable. Interacting in real-time gives you an opportunity to collect the most recent feedback and other information.

Communicating with other broadcasts will make the brand more visible and will increase the following. Finally, you can even use it to expand your mailing list by asking viewers to comment their email addresses.


What should I stream?

To prove Periscope successful, businesses must take the most out of a live streaming function. The most common and easy way to connect with your audience is to give an inside look to your company/office or bring them behind the scenes of the creative and making processes of your product.

Periscope represents an exceptional opportunity to establish emotional connection with clients. However, do not miss a chance to promote your product and boost your sales by live-streaming demo’s, tutorials or announcements to exclusive offers. Increase the engagement and reveal more about your product with live Q&A sessions, events or webinars.

Nevertheless, we should not consider Periscope to be a threat to other and as much valuable content marketing tools. If you are thinking about what content strategy could be implemented to your business, do not hesitate to contact us.


Some things to know before you start

Alongside doubts whether it is the right app for your marketing strategy, it might be a bit overwhelming of how does it work. Firstly, Periscope is connected with your twitter account. Just like in any other tweet, you can mention people and hashtag, as well as include your location and keywords in Periscope bio to make it easy to search. If you still lack confidence in using it, select a private streaming instead of a public one.

However, when you are all ready to provide the best live-streaming content, make sure to encourage people to engage with their comments. However, only phone users are allowed to use this function. You and your followers will be able to access the video for the next 24 hours.


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